Please Don’t Go

If you died today, you’d never see
a butterfly, a great oak tree,
a silly smile, a scary clown,
a neon night out on the town,
a fuzzy kitten – hear it rawr!,
a sunny day, a sandy shore,
a shiny car, a puffy cloud,
a baby bird, a fevered crowd,
a moonlit night, a cleansing rain,
an outstretched hand that feels your pain,
a blade of grass, a ladybug,
a castle, an approaching hug,
an orangey-glow from early morn,
a cup of coffee, nice and warm,
a great old book, with dust to spare,
that has a great old tale to share,
a flip, a flop, a bright new top,
a special at your favorite shop,
a new guitar that lends a song,
that you’ve been writing all along,
a brand new fine point ballpoint pen,
a giggly kid, a random friend,
a street of lights that leads you home,
where all is safe and all is sound…
a rainbow, white snow, flying kite,
a scary film, a show of might,
the beaming joy of happenstance,
when rescued dogs have found a chance,
a lucent moon that bathes the sea –
and me.


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