Angel in white
Given up with no fight
She closes her eyes and she waits
Hell, here on Earth
Before her full force
She closes her eyes and she prays

For a moment her God
Offers meager reprieve
As the rocks pass her head to the ground
But the first one connects
With the force of intent
And the fear is so crippling now

A mother in love
With her family and sons
Suspected of nothingness, here
Now exposed from the waist
Bound by shackles and hate
And the staggering, physical fear

Through a curtain of red
She can see she’s condemned
By a heart in decay, born of lust
And the tears battle blood
As the darkness becomes
Just an angel, just an innocence – crushed.


3 thoughts on “Soraya

  1. Wow – thats an amazing write. I’m truly impressed. Great job : )

  2. varnishedt says:

    Beautifully written. I just watched the movie on Soraya Manutchehri and I really am glad to see people honouring her memory and remembering the injustice she suffered. Thank you for sharing your work!

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