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I do not believe that one human man can claim to know THE God, or when life as we know it will cease. But, I do accept that if we can’t recover from our overloaded, blame-serving, self-aggrandizing “Americanitis,” we will not be able to withstand the wrath before us.

We are energy. ONE energy. ONE people… ONE beautifully vast and diverse culture.

Every single day, some part of life is a challenge for the 6.8 billion mouth-breathers inhabiting our planet. You know… the planet we call home. The only home we know? The one we’re killing? Yeah. That one. There isn’t anywhere else to go. Well, not yet anyway. But the scientific discoveries of the past few years do look pretty promising.

So we all have hurdles. Some of us have small hurdles. Some of us have giant hurdles. Of course, some of us create giant hurdles from small hurdles…

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