It’s Not Your Rain

It’s raining,
But it’s not your rain
Your hues in blues reduced to grey
The sunshine hides beneath the clouds
There’s nothing brilliant now

It’s living,
But it’s not your life
My choices, maybe… not as right
My schedule offers no routine
There’s barely time to breathe

I miss the days of “safe and sound”
…the little things that made you proud
I miss the house of ghosts and love and YOU
I miss you so, so much

I miss the days of trees and grass
And picking berries from your patch
And hanging out with Altman’s cows
It seems so precious now

If I could offer anything
To Tristan, as he turns fifteen
It would be you – for just one day
… a “still” I cannot recreate

I wonder if he’ll ever grow
To flourish from within the glow
Of someone so divine as you
I pray to see it true

Alas, you dance with God and friends
And we’ll be here… we’ll make amends
But sometimes I just can’t forget
How very much I miss you.


One thought on “It’s Not Your Rain

  1. Tammy says:

    That’s a really lovely tribute poem. I can certainly feel the love.

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