Hey, Grandpa

You tapped the seat beside you as I walked up through the aisle
A special reservation on your day
Your bass guitar seemed giant, resting there across your lap
I beamed inside as you began to play

You sat me on your knee and asked me what I would become
I think I said “a vet”, and you just smiled
“It sure makes perfect sense”, you said, then gave a little squeeze
And we maneuvered puzzles for a while

You scratched his reddish fur and dodged his kisses, as I cried
You told me not to ask again today
But he sure loved you, Grandpa, and the tables were reversed
The day we set the cross to mark his grave

I tapped the seat beside me as you squeezed into the “Stang”
Destination: Ice Cream – you and me
You shook your head and chuckled as I put the black top down
I beamed inside as you reclined your seat

I took your hand so gently and I asked you how you feel
You gave a little groan, and I just smiled
I thought of adding color to your anaesthetic room
And we maneuvered silence, for a while

I ran my fingers through your hair, and kissed you one more time
I promised not to cry again today
But I knew you were listening when I saw the morning sun
Share daylight with a gentle, steady rain

They say that time will heal you but I can’t say I’d agree
I miss you just as much as I did then
It seems the world is buried, too – unoccupied machines
And sometimes I just need to hold your hand

If you could see me here, today, I hope you’d still be proud
I hope my chosen path would make you happy
And someday, when the time has come for me to walk the aisle
I’ll close my eyes and listen…
for the tapping


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