My Christmas Poem for YOU

You Give Me Life

Another year has come to close
…people grow a little kinder
…smiles stretch a little wider
…doors are held – no reason

I cherish those I’ve come to know
We share a story, two, or three
And decorate our pretty trees
And thank God for this season

And though I’m filled with happiness
I cannot shake a painful sigh
For in this “Happy” New Year
There will be a soul endangered

And people will be in distress
And kids will have their guns in school
And criminals will break the rules
…and friends will dance with angels

So I forfeit my resolutions
For this year, instead, I’ll pray
That every night you’re warm and safe
And snuggled in your bed

I pray that luck will favor you
That kindness will embrace you whole
For you, for me, for young and old
I pray, Dear Lord,


3 thoughts on “My Christmas Poem for YOU

  1. Cher—could I use this poem to send in my Chritmas cards this year? I’ll type on it that you wrote it…. Let me know. I love you!

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