Right here.

It took me a while this morning
…took just a little while longer
to talk myself into “being”
But I did it.
I did it for you.

It took just a tiny bit longer
To put myself on today
I swear I must look like an orphan
But I’m here, I guess.
Here, anyway.

It takes just a little bit longer
Sometimes… it takes longer to breathe
But look at me now
I wear me so well
And without me, now- where would I be?

This camel is starting to crack
From the weight you pile up on his back
But look at me now – I can take it.
I can do it.
I do it for you.

I counted a little while longer.
Another day, a brand new 24…
But your ghost passed me by
Once again, one more time
And I hid it.
I hid it for you.

Good morning.
Good day.
Good night.

One day soon… you will say something nice.


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