I do not believe that one human man can claim to know THE God, or when life as we know it will cease. But, I do accept that if we can’t recover from our overloaded, blame-serving, self-aggrandizing “Americanitis,” we will not be able to withstand the wrath before us.

We are energy. ONE energy. ONE people… ONE beautifully vast and diverse culture.

Every single day, some part of life is a challenge for the 6.8 billion mouth-breathers inhabiting our planet. You know… the planet we call home. The only home we know? The one we’re killing? Yeah. That one. There isn’t anywhere else to go. Well, not yet anyway. But the scientific discoveries of the past few years do look pretty promising.

So we all have hurdles. Some of us have small hurdles. Some of us have giant hurdles. Of course, some of us create giant hurdles from small hurdles. Regardless – we’re faced with choices, right?

1. Get up, get out and get to work. Find the things that make our little piece of Earth comfy and healthy. Be grateful for our functioning limbs and safe homes. Surround ourselves with those who love and support us and who value what we have to offer one another as partners, friends, children, moms and dads, lovers… Or…

2. Hyper-focus on anyone who is NOT us. Fuel negative campaigns that ripple outward, infecting the folks who were happily minding their own little piece of the world when you burst on to the scene with your judgements and negativity.

Life should be more like Star Trek. Sure, there were battles. But they were real battles… battles against the destruction of entire races and habitable planets! My hero, Captain James T. Kirk, risked his own human life for not just other Humans, but for Klingons, Androids, Caldonians, Gorn, Angosians…  they didn’t allow themselves to be involved in civil disputes. So, Come on! It’s a good night for mixing!

Recreational Multi-Species Down Time: A Night at the Starfleet Bar

It’s been a tough day in training! Uhura and the females are all set to meet me at Quark’s. I walk in, looking foxy in my super-mini and beehive. I head to the bar and order up a fluorescent green Cosmopolitan and proceed take in the scene. The Ferengi are throwing some dice at the corner table. The competition looks intense, but not nearly as intense as the Yang crew, who are getting rowdy with the Karaoke. They love to share their love for pro-USA classics… loudly. Could be fun later! I decide to do a quick walk-through to see what else is happening. I pass by the center table and my senses are drawn to a freshly served plate of Viinerine. It’s a Romulin dish, but it’s quite tasty. The owner of this lovely dish? An uncomfortable Garrison, who seems eager to dig in – but is trapped by the landlady who is too busy flirting with him to notice that he is waiting to eat. I consider stepping in to help him but I settle for a friendly buddy-punch to his shoulder, followed by a good-luck-with-that wink. He responds with a helpless grimace. Poor Garrison. I’d love help. Really, I would… but right now I need to find out what’s so funny to Scotty. I can see that he and McCoy are up to a bit of mischief as I overhear them trying to convince Spock that a shot of Synthehol is perfectly logical. Scotty cracks out into his heavy, infectious laugh that draws a look from Quark. No worries. All is well. I find myself caught in a giggle. My eavesdropping is cut short as Chekov stumbles into me. I maneuver to catch him before we both tumble. Close Call! I ask him if he needs to sit down. He mumbles something as Yeoman Colt sweeps in to move him along. She later informs me that Chekov was admiring “beautiful angel” from across the room, but upon walking over to “beautiful angel” discovered that it was actually Sulu, and so he was confining himself to his quarters for some sobering up. I guess too much Altairian brandy is, well… too much Altairian brandy. I settle on a seat next to Worf. He looks like he’s had a tough day, but he’s pretty hot, so I decide to keep him company while I’m waiting for… Oh – nevermiiiinnnnddd!! Whadddddap Uhura?! Your Cosmo is waiting!

Saturday night’s all right for Trekkin’!


2 thoughts on “Quark.

  1. U Have the Most Insane Yet Sane Mind Of Anyone I’ve Ever Known. (Now Tell Me That Makes Sense). LoL

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