An Unnamed Book

Someday I will finish this book that I have been working on for many, many years. But I have never been able to name it. Maybe it needs to be finished first. Maybe you can help! Here is your sneak preview…


June 1st, 1973. Thick black hair and green eyes… A perfect, chubby little pink bundle. The nurses want to kidnap her. They carry her around with them as they’re working and pass her back and forth, squeezing her precious little face and playing with her as if she were theirs. I just want to stare at her. Dear God, she is beautiful. Her tiny, happy smile melts my soul. How did I get so lucky?


Don’t you wish babies came with a preview?  A commercial, perhaps?  Maybe Johnny is brilliant and calm.  Or maybe he is impulsive and unstable and ends up hurting people.  Are you ready for Johnny?  Is your influence really going to make a difference or are babies genetically pre-wired to “be” something?  I’ve always thought that birth control should be like a flu shot, administered when you’re young.  Then, when you have consciously decided that you are emotionally and financially prepared to raise a life force, you could fill out some paperwork and have it reversed.  Whether you choose to bring this soul into YOUR world, or to help a couple who are incapable of becoming pregnant, you have made a decision and you are prepared.  No unwanted babies.

That would be my one big wish – no unwanted babies.  Because we don’t get to choose where we live when we are five years old.  And sometimes… sometimes everybody loses.


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