Cher For President: The Alien Treaties

During my first term as President of the Free World, I have adopted a plan to provide an abundance of organs to those on waiting lists across the planet. I believe this to be an effective plan as it will not only save the lives of those in peril, but it will indirectly eradicate evildoers.

Our first order of business is to identify key personnel who stand out in their fields based on a number of criteria including moral, charitable and societal contributions. This team is to become a council, name to be determined (Justice League?), and will be assigned the task of creating a database of all persons on waiting lists for organs throughout the world. They must, then, triage this list (the difficult part) in order of need and value, and submit the database for activation of the mission. With representation from the fields of medicine, science and law enforcement, these chosen few will be able to make sound decisions as to the distribution of collected organs. Neither tax bracket nor religion is to be factored in the selection of the Council.

Next, we will contact MIB with a proposal for the aliens to harvest organs from persons identified by MIB to be beyond rehabilitation: terrorists, serial killers and such. The harvest will be completed in one swift mission. The harvested organs will then be distributed immediately to hospitals throughout the world in the order determined previously by our Justice Council. Preparations will be made in advance to accept such high-volume submissions.

As you can see, this plan is a “win-win” for all of Earth, as it saves deserving lives, heals families, promotes peace and lessens the burden on our military and police forces by eradicating the extreme hazards of present day.

Thank you for your support.


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