Can we actually help the homeless? Please offer ideas.

Every time it’s cold I think about people sleeping outside. I get pissed about the dogs, you know that. But did you know that in 2013 – 610,042 people were homeless in the United States? Children, even. Good people. Mentally handicapped people. People who are just down on their luck. People suffering…

I read stories from time to time from the homeless groups I follow, and do you know that states will take their shelter? Kick them out of public spaces so they don’t “offend” the people. But when they check into a place that offers beds, they will refuse them blankets or take their belongings when they’re checking in and throw it away. If they’re women, they will offer them fast food and a bed for sex. Otherwise they won’t let them in. That’s why you have hard-core campers who refuse the aid offered by organizations who have no idea what’s going on every day in their units.

They can’t rely on the system because the system is DESPICABLE. It is unbelievable that anyone would let this happen. But they aren’t allowed to be in public spaces. So WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO?

If you say “get a job,” you should know that I do not respect that. Some of them are not capable of that. Some of them are abused women who can’t rely on that same despicable system for safety who just want to protect their children. Some of them have disabilities and can’t function like most people.

I need evidence of a system that works — that has helped a community or a state, so that I can start to push on legislators. Yeah, I’m one person. But don’t underestimate me.

I know bar selfies get way more likes and attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with bar selfies… I like camaraderie and friends and Bacardi… I’m just saying I want to do something. So if you have any recommendations, please post. My internet searches haven’t really proven any methods. They all seem to be a temporary fix.


Please Don’t Go

If you died today, you’d never see
a butterfly, a great oak tree,
a silly smile, a scary clown,
a neon night out on the town,
a fuzzy kitten – hear it rawr!,
a sunny day, a sandy shore,
a shiny car, a puffy cloud,
a baby bird, a fevered crowd,
a moonlit night, a cleansing rain,
an outstretched hand that feels your pain,
a blade of grass, a ladybug,
a castle, an approaching hug,
an orangey-glow from early morn,
a cup of coffee, nice and warm,
a great old book, with dust to spare,
that has a great old tale to share,
a flip, a flop, a bright new top,
a special at your favorite shop,
a new guitar that lends a song,
that you’ve been writing all along,
a brand new fine point ballpoint pen,
a giggly kid, a random friend,
a street of lights that leads you home,
where all is safe and all is sound…
a rainbow, white snow, flying kite,
a scary film, a show of might,
the beaming joy of happenstance,
when rescued dogs have found a chance,
a lucent moon that bathes the sea –
and me.

Evolution, Anyone?

It is an absolute truth that in any and every situation regarding any and every topic, you can answer your own questions by asking yourself how you would feel if it were you. Let us review examples:

You loaned your friend $40, they swore they would pay you on Friday and suddenly they avoid you like a communicable disease. That sucked for you. If you say you will pay someone, pay up – or communicate.

Are you comfortable with being murdered because your murderer gave you a cushy bed and said nice things to you first? No. The cow is not OK with it because he was “free-range.” Similarly, you would not consider your own murder humane, no matter how hard someone tried to convince you.

Do you like being patted on the head? Your dog doesn’t, either.

Did you like it when your friend told your secrets and you had to do damage control? Yeah, she would probably expect you to honor that “between us” conversation, too.

…elementary, really. It is an age-old adage whereby you “put yourself in another’s shoes.” You think about how you would feel and, like magic, the answers are as clear as glass. Holy Concept, Batman!

Feel free to consider and post your very own examples below.


Angel in white
Given up with no fight
She closes her eyes and she waits
Hell, here on Earth
Before her full force
She closes her eyes and she prays

For a moment her God
Offers meager reprieve
As the rocks pass her head to the ground
But the first one connects
With the force of intent
And the fear is so crippling now

A mother in love
With her family and sons
Suspected of nothingness, here
Now exposed from the waist
Bound by shackles and hate
And the staggering, physical fear

Through a curtain of red
She can see she’s condemned
By a heart in decay, born of lust
And the tears battle blood
As the darkness becomes
Just an angel, just an innocence – crushed.

Cheristotle's Blog

I do not believe that one human man can claim to know THE God, or when life as we know it will cease. But, I do accept that if we can’t recover from our overloaded, blame-serving, self-aggrandizing “Americanitis,” we will not be able to withstand the wrath before us.

We are energy. ONE energy. ONE people… ONE beautifully vast and diverse culture.

Every single day, some part of life is a challenge for the 6.8 billion mouth-breathers inhabiting our planet. You know… the planet we call home. The only home we know? The one we’re killing? Yeah. That one. There isn’t anywhere else to go. Well, not yet anyway. But the scientific discoveries of the past few years do look pretty promising.

So we all have hurdles. Some of us have small hurdles. Some of us have giant hurdles. Of course, some of us create giant hurdles from small hurdles…

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It’s a different kind of black
You swear you’re seeing shapes in mist
But surely this is manifest
Of all that you resist

It’s a different kind of blue
(When you are) feeling like you’ve lost
Or maybe you’re just lost
But surely there’s a cost

It’s a different kind of voice
When everybody gets you down
By trying to revive you
When they see you skipping town

But it’s a different kind of lost
When you are outside looking in
And pure intentions can’t relate
To the grey you’re drowning in

It’s a muted — boom… boom… boom…
A sheltered, transient wave
You have to listen closely, but
You’ll feel it miles away

And it never really leaves you
It’s the whited-noise-covered thoughts
That sometimes soothe your very soul
But sometimes give you knots

And management is government is life is redirection…
But take as gospel, friend
That life, itself, is resurrection


“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” ― Gwendolyn Brooks


I passed you in the hallway and I heard your heavy sigh
It echoed in my soul, and so I stopped – to ease your mind
I told you how I loved you… “Everything will be okay”
Well, I guess that’s how I wish it went today

I woke to hear the tremor in the early waking hours
It frightened me, but this time I did more than hide and cower
I rushed you with a hug and held on ’til you hugged me back
I wish that I could say that that’s what happened

I told you funny stories and you laughed until you cried
We took a walk and played some catch, we even rode our bikes
You told me of your future plans and thanked me for advice
At least, that’s what I played… inside my mind.

I don’t know where you’re going, and I don’t know where you’ve been
I don’t know who you think you are, I don’t know what you’ve seen
I don’t know how to reach you and I don’t know what to do
But I love you …hope someday you’ll love me, too.